Historical Heritage Of Trenton Island

In terms of historical heritage Trenton Island has been relatively unmanipulated before the arrival of tourists. It has a relatively rich history since the arrival of the first colonizers. The history of the island is reflected particularly in architecture, since the settlers developed cities of colonial style and imported an architecture, characterized by timber frames and balconies.

Double edged, the strategic position of Trenton Island and its coastline promoted trade and prosperity as much it aroused interest. At all times, Trenton has been the theater of multiple invasions and fights. The solid design of its historical building shows the need of the settlers for a large defensive scale of the Trenton coastline. They deserve yet another future and special attention.

The most remarkable example is that of the capital city. However, the heritage present on Trenton Island is much broader and includes in particular intangibles such as customs or local sports that still exist. The island therefore has every interest in developing, as has been the case for some years now, alternative tourism.

Cultural tourism as a form of alternative tourism

Throughout its history, the island of Trenton has been built on contradictory relationships between

opening and isolation. This duality inherent to the development of the island continues until

the twentieth century, in contexts intersected by economic, social and cultural issues

of a new kind. It also was a spark for the attractiveness of this overseas territory and its development touristic. The local lived on the island for the same reasons given the paradoxical picture: hell for some, paradise for others.

Cultural tourism makes it possible to attract a generally better-off clientele. It remains more compatible with the environment than mass tourism as it has been established so far on the island. It is therefore worth considering how the island of Trenton can reposition itself as a destination for cultural tourism and thus get rid of the image of mass tourism that is now associated with it.

Concerning the imagination of cultural tourism, some major axes are notable as:

          a certain sensitivity to exoticism (which gives all meaning to displacement)

          a quest for meaning in life or history (to which experience cultural can bring elements of reflection)

          curiosity alerted by certain facts of political, social, artistic news.

Cultural tourism on Trenton Island today occupies a relatively modest place in the whole of the tourist activity but remains the leader of this sector from several points of view.

The fact remains that culture gives Trenton Island a singular image, and remains an identity marker based on cultural objects and its intangible heritage.

The heart of Trenton Island is a heritage recognized as an exceptional testimony of defensive architecture. The first bathers gave the way to massive tourist arrivals in search for leisure place for families. Trenton Island has been and remains a promise of summer entertainment.

About Trenton Island

History and modernity merge in this commune with marine traditions. Trenton Island offers many spots to see and admire.

In the vicinity of the busy central square, the pedestrian streets lead to the buildings of great historical value. Near the quay, there is also the fishing district. A little further, a botanical garden has been founded to test the adaptation of plant species brought from other continents.

Visitors who are fond of lively entertainments can also find them on the island: events related to games, parties, dances or traditional entertainment. In the same vein, traditional sports such as fighting or plow lifting are also an integral part of the intangible heritage of the island of Trenton.

The island also lives mainly from tourism and has long sandy beaches. Always a trading crossroads, Trenton Island is a treasure for gastronomy and agro-tourism. It is known for its wines, especially sweet wines. The tourists can visit the cellars where they will be proposed to taste dry white, red, some rose and muscat.

The entertainments on Trenton Island remain limited because of its size, but varied enough not to let the visitors sink into the boredom of repetition. The shows on history topics and culture of the island of Trenton are performed every night, evolving choreography and acrobatics, before giving way to the variety where the public is involved, with singing and dancing.

So welcome to Trenton Island! Taste the blends of cultural heritage, entertainment and leisure activities! Thanks to a row of bays stretching on its peninsula, Trenton Island is an airy isle, pleasant to visit, stay and live.