Things To Do, Where To Go, What To See On Trenton Island

Concerning the image of cultural tourism, certain major axes are notable, such as

·         certain sensitivity to exoticism (which gives full meaning to displacement)

·         quest for meaning in life or history (to which experience culture can bring elements of reflection)

·         curiosity alerted by some facts of political, social, artistic nature.

In this context, Trenton Island is a perfect place to visit – and stay!

All the desires of tourists eager to get new cultural impressions will be satisfied. Because very few are tired of the new impressions! An imaginary of cultural tourism pre-exists from the moment of the decision to make a cultural visit, in particular through knowledge and previous experiences.

The community of Trenton Island understands the needs of the tourists and what they expect to see and find at the places they visit. For that, it is necessary to appeal to a certain tourist logistics, to all the services allowing travel and stay: transport, accommodation, catering, activities on site, etc. We  distinguish “tourist logistics” and “cultural objects”, whether material or immaterial, all forming a “quality cultural tourism product” of Trenton Island.

Culture is the engine of progress allowing further development of tourism of Trenton Island. Tourism logistics has a very important role in the discovery experience, even if efforts are notables in the tourist accommodation (country cottage or bed and breakfast in the castle), in transportation (horse-drawn carriages, bicycle tours, small tourist trains …) that also play their role of facilitator of visits.

As you can see there are plenty of things to do on the island of Trenton!

The formulas of cultural tourism on Trenton Island

At present, there are two tourism cultural packages: the circuit and the stay.

The first, the circuit, is a type of trip that consists of changing accommodations every night, and  walking, driving or bike travelling. There are also “star” circuits, where the tourists travel from one and the same accommodation, but different excursions are organized every day. This type of circuit is also the one used during sea cruises to the island of Trenton. They also include visiting major tourist places, and also the nightlife experiences on Trenton Island, including restaurants and shows with live music, concerts and fairs during weekends.

The second form of cultural tourism is the stay which is characterized in general as short and repetitive. It is however in very strong increase lately, especially during events or large-scale exhibitions, fairs and carnivals. Also, there are a lot of quite individualistic tourists, who organize their own movements. They often prefer to stay in small cities or in the countryside.

However, analyzing the various tourist packages for planning a visit to Trenton Island it is necessary to take into account the various cultural components of offers. The majority of Trenton touristic agencies offer is composed of cultural objects which are all the sites, all events open to the public outside. These cultural objects diversify very strong for about thirty years, whereas they were previously limited to museums of fine arts and some great monuments.

Today among the most frequently visited tourist places on Trenton Island are:

·         ecomuseum and rural life museums,

·         archeological sites, port and city center

·         botanical garden and smaller parks and recreation areas

As there are different forms of cultural mediation for the purpose of making the cultural object understandable to its visitor, sometimes these techniques are borrowed from recreational parks: interactive terminals, virtual reality, laser projections …) which, in a way, make up the cultural sites of the direct competitors of leisure parks. So Trenton Island has many things to show even to the most experienced tourist.

The best touristic places of Trenton Island

History and modernity merge in the community of Trenton Island. Pedestrian streets lead to the busy central square. In the vicinity of the port, on the quay there is also the fishing district. A little further there is a lush Botanical Garden with the species from all around the world.

Downtown there are tourist places also loved by the locals. They like to come and have lunch on the run or simply take a little rest. Its colorful shops and snack bars will make a surprising change of scenery.

A few strides away, at the Old Quarter, there are colonial ambiances, with old wooden houses, adorned with ironwork and flower gardens of hibiscus and bougainvillea.