Maritime Activities in The Port and Yacht Club of Trenton Island

Well known to tourists, particularly for its nightlife, Trenton Island fascinates from the first glance and attracts like a magnet. And not only because of its luxurious entertainments, but primarily by its charm. The architecture of its sleek white houses, the blue doors of its weaves respond to the azure colors of the cupolas of the churches, mills waiting for the winds at the edge of the water, its lively streets climbing the hills.

The boat and yachts docked at the dock, allow passengers eager to discover the island of Trenton to take advantage of the numerous restaurants, admire the sunset from the beach or from the top of a hill, or to take a bus tour. The island immediately mesmerizes its visitors and it will be difficult to leave an island.

Visitors arrive in boats and yachts for short excursions or for a long stay, as there are different spots to visit on the island. The youth takes possession of the island during summer because of its beaches of golden sand, its cliffs and – particularly – nightlife.

The Yacht Club of Trenton Island and its incentives

Thanks for a string of bays stretching on its peninsula, Trenton Island is an airy place, pleasant to visit, stay and live. The island also has long sandy beaches. Its port stands as a fortress from the ancient times, still impressive – and a major attraction for the lovers of ancient sites.

The island community’s ambition was to create a clan of business leaders passionate about

challenge and for maritime way of life. They aim to create a fabulous human story with strong moments – a network of entrepreneurs welded around an extraordinary maritime adventure!

More than a decade ago the mayor’s deputy in charge of developing nautical activities in the

community and, consequently, nautical tourism, requested the assistance of two friends to create the yacht club. The purpose of this association was to bring together the owners of sailing or motor boats, concerned with the practice of navigation of pleasure in a friendly environment and to organize collective outings, rallies and cruises.

The Yacht Club of Trenton Island and its activities

The Yacht Club of Trenton Island is different from other clubs by the fact that it favors conviviality and friendship and not competitive spirit. It focuses its actions at the level of the city and community.

Trenton Island’s Yacht Club and its members are concerned to preserve the quality of life by protecting the natural heritage of the island, coastline and sea. They are committed to respect the environmental regulations and adheres to the environmental protection objectives of the Trenton Island’s Yacht Club Charter:

– Preserve and enhance the natural, cultural and coastal landscape heritage of Trenton Island

– Protect the biodiversity and functions of terrestrial and marine natural environments

– Make island an area of excellence in eco-responsibility

– Make Islanders ambassadors for sustainable development

The Yacht Club of Trenton Island participates in the reflections and consultations of the various management bodies involved in maritime activities of Trenton Island by proposing solutions for the

preservation of the quality of the natural heritage.

The Yacht Club follows the evolution of regulations and technological innovations for the

preservation of the maritime area. For the activities it organizes, the Club makes sure to respect the rules of the eco events:

          Energy consumption

          Greenhouse gas emissions

          Respect for biodiversity

          Waste and noise management, etc.

The access to maritime and nightlife entertainments on Trenton Island

To facilitate access to both maritime and nightlife entertainment, the Trenton Island Yacht Club created a mobile application and a website that will give you access to all the possibilities offered by the Yacht Club:

          information on events and commodities

          private and business social media

          directory and chat between members

          management of hospitalities and parties

          central purchasing and works council, etc.

Also, member of the Yacht Club of Trenton Island have the chance to participate in the most emblematic transatlantic races.